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Agape Community Farm

7607 N Childress Ave., Kansas City, MO 64152

We are a veteran owned and operated, Certified Naturally Grown small-plot farm cultivating less than an acre of land.  We want to connect with, grow with, and share healthy produce and sustainable stewardship practices with our community.  

Mission: Grow, Connect, Share



Agape Community Farm's primary goal  is to provide the BEST Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) produce to our surrounding community    



We desire to establish and cultivate relationship and a tight-knit, health-conscious community with our customers who take wellness and environmental stewardship seriously.



We want to educate you on process of growing micro greens, SPIN farming, or building and maintaining an "Agriscape" or edible landscape.  We would love to help you out - whether it's a class or a hands on experience - let us know!  


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Agape Community Farm in Kansas City ~ Micro Greens and Fresh Produce

Agape Community Farm

7607 N. Childress Ave., Kansas City, MO 64152, US

(253) 376-0833